nameCatalogGene name
Rat 8-epi-PGF2a clia kitC0000038-epi-PGF2a
Rat 6-PFK clia kitC0000046-PFK
Rat 6-keto-PGF1a clia kitC0000066-keto-PGF1a
Rat 5-LO clia kitC0000085-LO
Rat 11-DH-TXB2 clia kitC00002011-DH-TXB2
Rat WFS1 clia kitC000036WFS1
Rat WNT5A clia kitC000046WNT5A
Rat WNT4 clia kitC000047WNT4
Rat WNT3A clia kitC000050WNT3A
Rat VWF clia kitC000061VWF
Rat VLDL clia kitC000065VLDL
Rat VIP clia kitC000070VIP
Rat VF clia kitC000076VF
Rat VLDLR clia kitC000078VLDLR
Rat VEGFR-2/KDR clia kitC000082VEGFR-2/KDR
Rat VEGF-D clia kitC000088VEGF-D
Rat VEGF-C clia kitC000091VEGF-C
Rat VEGF-B clia kitC000092VEGF-B
Rat VCC1 clia kitC000097VCC1
Rat VEGF clia kitC000098VEGF
Rat VE-Cadherin clia kitC000102VE-Cadherin
Rat VCAM-1/CD106 clia kitC000108VCAM-1/CD106
Rat vaspin clia kitC000111vaspin
Rat VEGFA clia kitC000117VEGFA
Rat UCHL1 clia kitC000134UCHL1
Rat U-T3 clia kitC000142U-T3
Rat TH clia kitC000143TH
Rat TYR clia kitC000144TYR
Rat TXB2 clia kitC000149TXB2
Rat TNFa clia kitC000154TNFa
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