nameCatalogGene name
Rat ITLN1 clia kitC001660ITLN1
Rat IP-10/CXCL10 clia kitC001669IP-10/CXCL10
Rat IL9 clia kitC001672IL9
Rat IL6 clia kitC001682IL6
Rat IL4 clia kitC001685IL4
Rat IL34 clia kitC001692IL34
Rat IL33 clia kitC001694IL33
Rat IL25 clia kitC001707IL25
Rat IL24 clia kitC001712IL24
Rat IL21 clia kitC001715IL21
Rat IL20 clia kitC001719IL20
Rat IL2 clia kitC001721IL2
Rat IL19 clia kitC001723IL19
Rat IL18BP clia kitC001728IL18BP
Rat IL18 clia kitC001730IL18
Rat IL17F clia kitC001732IL17F
Rat IL17B clia kitC001738IL17B
Rat IL1b clia kitC001766IL1b
Rat ITaC clia kitC001778ITaC
Rat IFNg clia kitC001798IFNg
Rat IFNa13 clia kitC001832IFNa13
Rat IFNa clia kitC001839IFNa
Rat ICAM1 clia kitC001847ICAM1
Rat INS clia kitC001869INS
Rat INSR-b clia kitC001873INSR-b
Rat INS clia kitC001880INS
Rat INHBP clia kitC001882INHBP
Rat INHbC clia kitC001884INHbC
Rat INHB clia kitC001886INHB
Rat INHA clia kitC001890INHA
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