nameCatalogGene name
Rat SYP clia kitC000454SYP
Rat sVCAM-1 clia kitC000459sVCAM-1
Rat SP clia kitC000465SP
Rat STK clia kitC000475STK
Rat SST clia kitC000484SST
Rat sPLA2 clia kitC000490sPLA2
Rat SPD clia kitC000497SPD
Rat SPC clia kitC000499SPC
Rat SP-B clia kitC000504SP-B
Rat SP-A clia kitC000505SP-A
Rat SP clia kitC000507SP
Rat SOD4 clia kitC000512SOD4
Rat SOD3 clia kitC000513SOD3
Rat SOD1 clia kitC000514SOD1
Rat SOCS3 clia kitC000519SOCS3
Rat SNAP-25 clia kitC000523SNAP-25
Rat SLPI clia kitC000532SLPI
Rat SLC clia kitC000536SLC
Rat SIRT1 clia kitC000537SIRT1
Rat sIgA clia kitC000545sIgA
Rat sICAM-1/CD54 clia kitC000549sICAM-1/CD54
Rat SHH clia kitC000552SHH
Rat SHBG clia kitC000554SHBG
Rat sFAS/sAPO-1 clia kitC000559sFAS/sAPO-1
Rat SEPP1 clia kitC000571SEPP1
Rat SEMA7A clia kitC000574SEMA7A
Rat SELP clia kitC000578SELP
Rat SELL clia kitC000580SELL
Rat SELL clia kitC000585SELL
Rat SELE clia kitC000587SELE
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