nameCatalogGene name
Rat HIF1a clia kitC002103HIF1a
Rat HSPG clia kitC002109HSPG
Rat HSPA4 clia kitC002112HSPA4
Rat HSP47 clia kitC002113HSP47
Rat HSP-90 clia kitC002115HSP-90
Rat HSP-70 clia kitC002117HSP-70
Rat Hsp-60 clia kitC002122Hsp-60
Rat HSP-40 clia kitC002124HSP-40
Rat HSP-27 clia kitC002126HSP-27
Rat HSP gp96 clia kitC002127HSP gp96
Rat HSF2 clia kitC002128HSF2
Rat HSF1 clia kitC002133HSF1
Rat hs-CRP clia kitC002135hs-CRP
Rat HPX clia kitC002138HPX
Rat HPA clia kitC002141HPA
Rat Hp-IgG clia kitC002142Hp-IgG
Rat HP clia kitC002145HP
Rat HO-2 clia kitC002149HO-2
Rat HO-1 clia kitC002151HO-1
Rat HNF1a clia kitC002159HNF1a
Rat HMGB-1 clia kitC002161HMGB-1
Rat HMG-CoA clia kitC002163HMG-CoA
Rat HK1 clia kitC002166HK1
Rat HK clia kitC002168HK
Rat HIF-1a clia kitC002178HIF-1a
Rat HGF clia kitC002183HGF
Rat Hepc clia kitC002186Hepc
Rat HNF1b clia kitC002198HNF1b
Rat HGF clia kitC002203HGF
Rat HBEGF clia kitC002209HBEGF
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