nameCatalogGene name
Rat BTC clia kitC003508BTC
Rat BTA clia kitC003509BTA
Rat BSP clia kitC003511BSP
Rat BRAK clia kitC003513BRAK
Rat BRAK clia kitC003519BRAK
Rat BMP4 clia kitC003532BMP4
Rat BMP2 clia kitC003533BMP2
Rat BNP clia kitC003541BNP
Rat BMPR-II clia kitC003544BMPR-II
Rat BMPR-1A clia kitC003545BMPR-1A
Rat BMP-7 clia kitC003548BMP-7
Rat BMP-6 clia kitC003552BMP-6
Rat BMP-5 clia kitC003553BMP-5
Rat BMP-4 clia kitC003555BMP-4
Rat BMP-3 clia kitC003558BMP-3
Rat BMP-2 clia kitC003559BMP-2
Rat BMP-1 clia kitC003565BMP-1
Rat BMG/b2-MG clia kitC003568BMG/b2-MG
Rat BLC clia kitC003573BLC
Rat BK clia kitC003575BK
Rat Bid clia kitC003580Bid
Rat bFGF/FGF2 clia kitC003583bFGF/FGF2
Rat b2-GP1 IgA/G/M clia kitC003588b2-GP1 IgA/G/M
Rat bTG clia kitC003591bTG
Rat b-TG clia kitC003593b-TG
Rat b-Lg clia kitC003596b-Lg
Rat b-EPR clia kitC003599b-EPR
Rat b-EP clia kitC003601b-EP
Rat bEP clia kitC003605bEP
Rat b-CTx clia kitC003608b-CTx
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