nameCatalogGene name
Rat MYS clia kitC001272MYS
Rat MSTN clia kitC001275MSTN
Rat MYO clia kitC001278MYO
Rat MYO clia kitC001283MYO
Rat MPO clia kitC001289MPO
Rat MUC5AC clia kitC001301MUC5AC
Rat MUC2 clia kitC001314MUC2
Rat MTL clia kitC001319MTL
Rat MT1 clia kitC001326MT1
Rat MT clia kitC001329MT
Rat MPIF2 clia kitC001341MPIF2
Rat MIg clia kitC001343MIg
Rat MMP-9 clia kitC001353MMP-9
Rat MMP-8 clia kitC001357MMP-8
Rat MMP-7 clia kitC001360MMP-7
Rat MMP-3 clia kitC001361MMP-3
Rat MMP-24 clia kitC001367MMP-24
Rat MMP-2 clia kitC001371MMP-2
Rat MMP-17 clia kitC001374MMP-17
Rat MMP-13 clia kitC001376MMP-13
Rat MMP-12 clia kitC001379MMP-12
Rat MMP-10 clia kitC001382MMP-10
Rat MMP-1 clia kitC001386MMP-1
Rat MIP-3b/ELC/CCL19 clia kitC001393MIP-3b/ELC/CCL19
Rat MIP-3a clia kitC001395MIP-3a
Rat MIP-3 clia kitC001398MIP-3
Rat MIP-1b clia kitC001400MIP-1b
Rat MIP-1a clia kitC001403MIP-1a
Rat MIF clia kitC001408MIF
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