nameCatalogGene name
Rat Cyt-C clia kitC003008Cyt-C
Rat CYSLTR2 clia kitC003012CYSLTR2
Rat Cys-C clia kitC003016Cys-C
Rat CYPB clia kitC003018CYPB
Rat CYPA clia kitC003021CYPA
Rat CYP7A1 clia kitC003026CYP7A1
Rat CYP450 clia kitC003027CYP450
Rat CYP2E1 clia kitC003029CYP2E1
Rat CXCR3 clia kitC003040CXCR3
Rat CXCL16 clia kitC003044CXCL16
Rat CX43 clia kitC003049CX43
Rat CX40 clia kitC003052CX40
Rat CX3CL1 clia kitC003055CX3CL1
Rat CX26 clia kitC003059CX26
Rat CVL clia kitC003060CVL
Rat CTXIII clia kitC003062CTXIII
Rat CTXI clia kitC003063CTXI
Rat CTSL clia kitC003071CTSL
Rat CTSK clia kitC003073CTSK
Rat CTSD clia kitC003077CTSD
Rat cTnT/TNNT2 clia kitC003081cTnT/TNNT2
Rat cTn-I/TNNI3 clia kitC003086cTn-I/TNNI3
Rat CTGF clia kitC003091CTGF
Rat CTACK clia kitC003093CTACK
Rat CT1 clia kitC003095CT1
Rat CT clia kitC003098CT
Rat CS clia kitC003103CS
Rat CRT clia kitC003110CRT
Rat CRP clia kitC003113CRP
Rat CRH clia kitC003118CRH
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