nameCatalogGene name
Rat NFkB clia kitC001151NFkB
Rat NTXI clia kitC001154NTXI
Rat NTRK2 clia kitC001155NTRK2
Rat NT-proBNP clia kitC001160NT-proBNP
Rat NT-pro-ANP clia kitC001164NT-pro-ANP
Rat NT-4 clia kitC001166NT-4
Rat NT-3 clia kitC001170NT-3
Rat NSE clia kitC001173NSE
Rat NRG-2 clia kitC001178NRG-2
Rat NRG-1 clia kitC001180NRG-1
Rat NPY clia kitC001186NPY
Rat NOX 4 clia kitC001192NOX 4
Rat NOX 1 clia kitC001193NOX 1
Rat NOS3/eNOS clia kitC001194NOS3/eNOS
Rat NOS2/iNOS clia kitC001198NOS2/iNOS
Rat NOS1/nNOS clia kitC001200NOS1/nNOS
Rat NN-T4 clia kitC001205NN-T4
Rat NOX1 clia kitC001209NOX1
Rat NGF clia kitC001211NGF
Rat NGB clia kitC001215NGB
Rat NGAL clia kitC001216NGAL
Rat NF-kB p65 clia kitC001224NF-kB p65
Rat NF-kB clia kitC001226NF-kB
Rat NAP3 clia kitC001229NAP3
Rat NGF clia kitC001238NGF
Rat NE clia kitC001246NE
Rat ND1 clia kitC001247ND1
Rat NCAD clia kitC001249NCAD
Rat NAP3 clia kitC001252NAP3
Rat NAP-2/CXCL7 clia kitC001255NAP-2/CXCL7
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