nameCatalogGene name
Rat TH clia kitC000143TH
Rat TYR clia kitC000144TYR
Rat TXB2 clia kitC000149TXB2
Rat TNFa clia kitC000154TNFa
Rat TTR clia kitC000160TTR
Rat TSP-1 clia kitC000167TSP-1
Rat TSLP clia kitC000170TSLP
Rat TSH clia kitC000173TSH
Rat TSGF clia kitC000175TSGF
Rat TRY clia kitC000182TRY
Rat TrxR1 clia kitC000183TrxR1
Rat TRX clia kitC000187TRX
Rat TNNT2 clia kitC000189TNNT2
Rat TRH clia kitC000193TRH
Rat TRF clia kitC000196TRF
Rat TREM-1 clia kitC000199TREM-1
Rat TGFb3 clia kitC000216TGFb3
Rat TGFb1 clia kitC000220TGFb1
Rat TRF clia kitC000222TRF
Rat TRAIL/TNFSF10 clia kitC000231TRAIL/TNFSF10
Rat TRACP-5b clia kitC000232TRACP-5b
Rat TPS clia kitC000235TPS
Rat TPO clia kitC000242TPO
Rat TPA clia kitC000245TPA
Rat tPA clia kitC000248tPA
Rat TP53 clia kitC000251TP53
Rat TNFRSF1B clia kitC000272TNFRSF1B
Rat TNFRSF1A clia kitC000274TNFRSF1A
Rat TNF-b clia kitC000278TNF-b
Rat TNF-a clia kitC000280TNF-a
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