Mobile phone "accompany sleep" is a malignant brain tumor risk factors

2017-11-07 10:06:47 GMT+0800

Like most cancers, the pathogenesis of gliomas is not yet known. It is generally accepted that the genetic variation in a single cell in the human body is the source of glioma. Environment, food, emotions, infections and other factors may lead to cell mutation, the only determinant of only X-ray radiation. This leads to a topic of public concern, the high frequency of use of modern mobile phones, will lead to glioma?

Nearly 30 years, the incidence of brain tumors in Shanghai continued to rise, and this 30 years is precisely the blowout of Shanghai mobile phone period of time. Our hospital has on the international mobile phone use and brain tumor incidence of the paper summarized and analyzed the results showed that:

1Ipsilateral and prolonged use of mobile phones is closely related to the risk of glioma;

2In the long-term use of the mobile phone population, the low-grade glioma was significantly increased;

320-29 years old is a high prevalence of gliomas, a finding that coincides with the International Agency for Research on Cancer's "definition of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields as a possible human carcinogen."

Research on the Relationship between Mobile Phones and Brain Tumors in the World

There are a number of international organizations that have conducted epidemiological studies on the relationship between mobile phone use and brain tumor. Among them, there are two projects with the most complete data.

1, the International Agency for Research on Cancer INTERPHONE project:

The study found that the highest level of severe mobile phone users (30 minutes / day for 10 years) increased the risk of glioma, but lower exposure does not increase the risk of illness. Unfortunately, other studies can not repeat this result.

2, Hardell research group's research project:

The study aimed at different age groups (20 to 80 years old) case-control study found that there is a positive relationship between brain tumors and cell phone use, 20 to 29-year-old population the relative risk of the largest.

The incidence of brain tumors in children has also been rising in recent years

At present, children's brain tumors have become the second largest tumor in children after leukemia. Because teenage ears and skulls are thinner and smaller than adults, when they use their cell phones, the brain absorbs more than 50% more radiation than adults. The longer the use of mobile phones, the more increased the risk of brain tumors.

Watch out for the seven signals in children's brain tumors

1, no obvious incentive for headache.

Brain tumors can cause increased intracranial pressure and headache, often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, sustainable existence, but also intermittent attacks. If headaches persist and no other reason can be detected at the same time, it is recommended to screen brain tumors.

2, head increased.

Children suffering from brain tumors, hydrocephalus easily complicated, resulting in increased skull, fontanelle closed. If parents find their child's head significantly larger than other children of the same age, to be vigilant.

3, walking unstable.

Children have long been learned to walk the age, but walked crooked, some parents just think that their children learn to walk later than other children, and some think that brain development, in fact, this is also a brain tumor One of the symptoms.

4, abnormal development.

Some young children began to grow small pubic hair, penis significantly increased compared with children of the same age, premature development of the girl breasts that appear precocious symptoms. Because some brain tumors can cause pituitary and hypothalamic changes, leading to disorders of hormone secretion, resulting in precocious puberty.

5, vision loss.

If the child inexplicably decreased visual acuity in a short period of time, may be caused by brain tumors oppression optic nerve.

6, epilepsy.

For no reason in children with febrile seizures, seizures, brain tumor signals may be.

7, drink more urine.

(Diabetes insipidus) is also a common symptom of some brain tumors and should be taken seriously.

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