Which conditions can cause cell pollution

2017-09-21 14:49:50 GMT+0800

The most common pollutants in cell culture are bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma.

Once the cells are contaminated, most of them are more difficult to dispose of.

So, what situations don't we pay attention to and cause cell pollution?

Now let's see!

  • irregularities

1. In order to save time, some people have been using ultra-clean platform for more than four hours, do not open ultraviolet sterilization for 30min, and alcohol is wiped to start the test directly.

2. The equipment or solution is not used for a long time and is not tested for pollution and is directly used;

The centrifugal tube is used many times, and the head of the gun is used for cross-purposes.

3. Ultra-clean table with no alcohol lamp;

Point the alcohol lamp on the upper right corner and you do the experiment in the lower left corner.

4. Without gloves, operate with bare hands.

5. Equipped with gun type shifter, surgical instrument, centrifuge, refrigerator and other special instrument equipment and special equipment and slippers for the cell culture, the cells are not disinfected regularly.

Special items are taken out of the cell room.

Cultured cells in the process of using all of the experimental apparatus, such as pipette, one-time spear, disposable plastic centrifuge tube, not according to requirements, such as sterilization using cryopreserved tube (usually 37% of the 121 ° C high pressure sterilization after 20 minutes to dry the spare).

  • Super clean table and desktop, too much mess

Super clean table is not a storage box, what culture dish, the board of various specifications, the gun head should not pile in super clean platform!

There will be many health corners that cannot be ignored.

Other desktop of cell room, avoid the mountain of things, do not buy alcohol cotton ball, label paper, kraft paper bought after all piled in cell room!

Accidentally "float" into your cell culture board, the cell will raise not good, when die do not know!

  • The incubator is too long to clean

Cell polluted, not directly threw a petri dish, no matter, first you have to look at the constant temperature incubator in other cells in the petri dish or orifice is pollution, and if there are several boards have similar pollution, it is likely to be incubator in the water or air pollution, have to make a thorough cleaning, to the incubator to alcohol disinfection, ultraviolet;

The water in the incubator, the water is not to be remembered, and you must remember to wipe the tray with alcohol for ten days and half a month.

  • Cell house people have many miscellaneous, difficult to manage

In cell room this kind of health requirement is high, the person is much, the uncertainty factor is much, cannot guarantee the experiment in aseptic condition to operate.

In the test room, the lab coat should be worn, unbuttoned, without shoes, which can cause cell pollution.

If you don't have a mask, there's a lot of bacteria waiting to attack your cells.

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