The cell count of ImageJ skills

2017-09-14 10:27:37 GMT+0800

For ImageJ software, friends who have seen previous articles have learned more about ImageJ. You might do a cell count when you do cell experiments. So let's talk about how to make ImageJ function on the cell count. And there are two ways to do it.

Method 1: threshold segmentation

Step1: ImageJ opens a picture that needs to be counted.

Step2: Image--Type-- 8-bit (as shown below) turns the picture into a 8-bit diagram. The picture is black and white. The target is white and the background is black.

Step3: Edit--Invert (pictured below) reverses the image with black and white background.

Step4: Image--Adjust--Threshold, as shown below, adjust the appropriate threshold through the slider in the threshold window. Include the target within the threshold. After adjusting properly, click the application in the threshold window to adjust the area into a black area.

Step5: Analyze - Analyze - Particles. The pop-up window, Size, indicates the area in pixels, which we want to count. Check the Display results (display results), Clear, results, Summarize (summary) can be. You can also select Outlines from the Show drop-down menu to display the outline of the area.

Step6: click OK to pop up the result window, from which we can see 8 counts, as well as the overall area of the target area and the area of each target area.

Method two: multi-point tool method

Step1: ImageJ opens a picture that needs to be counted.

Step2: activates multipoint tools, which are located in the point tools menu. We right-click the menu and select multipoint tools.

Step3: directly hits the target in the picture, and the software will automatically appear next to the number and represent the quantity.

Step4: double click the tools menu to modify the points. But remember to tick Label points.

Step5: if you click the error, you can hold down Alt, and then click the point, it will remove the point, and count again.

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