Human TNF-alpha ELISA Kit

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    Tumor necrosis factor ELISA KIT; Cachectin ELISA KIT; TNF-alpha ELISA KIT; Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 2 ELISA KIT; TNF-aTNF ELISA KIT; TNFA ELISA KIT; TNFSF2 ELISA KIT; TNF-a ELISA KIT; NTF ELISA KIT; ICD1 ELISA KIT; ICD2 ELISA KIT

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  • GeneTNF-alpha
  • Standard CurveHuman TNF-alpha ELISA Kit
  • Other Species Human TNF alpha ELISA KitHuman TNF alpha elisa set ELISA SetsMouse TNF alpha ELISA KitMouse TNF- Alpha ELISA KitMouse TNF-alpha ELISA Kit
  • SamplesSerum, Plasma , tissue homogenates,Cell culture supernates,Other biological fluids.
  • Intended UseHuman TNF-alpha ELISA Kit allows for the in vitro quantitative determination of TNF-alpha , concentrations in serum, Plasma , tissue homogenates and Cell culture supernates and Other biological fluids.
  • StorageFor 5-7days:Store the whole kit at 4℃
    For a Long time :Store the Substrate at 4℃, other reagent should store at -20℃.
  • Product Categories/FamilyDiabetes, Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome; Signaling Pathways in Diabetes and Obesity; Adipokine Signaling; Assay Kits; Cytokines, Growth Factors & Hormones; Elisa Kits; Metabolism Assays; Other Metabolism-Related Assays; Metabolism Assays; Metabolism Assays
  • Product Description
    Product Information: TNF-alpha (human) ELISA Kit: Colorimetric Assay for Quantitative measurement of human TNF-alpha in Serum, Plasma, urine & Cell culture supernatants. Detection Range: 30 pg/ml - 6000 pg/ml. 100 assays. Background: Biobool's Human TNF-alpha (Tumor necrosis factor-alpha) ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) kit is an in vitro enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the quantitative measurement of human TNF-alpha. This assay employs an antibody specific for human TNF-alpha coated on a 96-well plate. Standards and samples are pipetted into the wells and TNF-alpha present in a sample is bound to the wells by the immobilized antibody. The wells are washed and biotinylated anti-human TNF-alpha antibody is added. After washing away unbound biotinylated antibody, HRP-conjugated streptavidin is pipetted to the wells. The wells are again washed, a TMB substrate solution is added to the wells and color develops in proportion to the amount of TNF-alpha bound. The Stop Solution changes the color from blue to yellow, and the intensity of the color is measured at 450 nm. This ELISA kit shows no cross-reactivity with any of the cytokines tested e.g., human ANG, CD23, Eotaxin, GCSF, GM-CSF, GRO- alpha, GRO-beta, GRO-gamma, I-309, IFN-gamma, IL-1alpha, IL-1beta, IL-3, IL-4, IL-5, IL-6, IL-7, IL-8, IL-10, IL-12 (p40), IL-12 (p70), IL-15, IL-16, IP-10, MCP-1, MCP-2, MCP-3, MCP-4, MCSF, MIG, MIP-1alpha, MIP-1beta, NAP-2, PDGF, PF-4, PARC, SCF, SDF-1alpha, TIMP-1, TIMP-2, TNFbeta, TGFbeta1, TGFbeta2, TGFbeta3, VEGF. The minimum detectable dose of TNF-alpha is typically less than 30 pg/ml. Detection Range: 30 pg/ml - 6,000 pg/ml. The intra-Assay reproducibility is CV<10% & inter-Assay is CV<12%.
    Summary: Detection method- Absorbance (450 nm) Species reactivity- human Application- Quantitative protein detection, establishing normal range, validation of antibody array results

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