anti-ALKBH1 antibody

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  • Alternative name

    ABH, ABH1, alkB, ALKBH, ALKBH1, DNA lyase ABH1, hABH antibody

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  • Size100μg
  • Formliquid
  • Purity≥95% as determined by SDS-PAGE
  • StoragePBS with 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol pH 7.3 , -20℃ for 24 months (Avoid repeated freeze / thaw cycles.)
  • ClonalityPolyclonal Antibody
  • Host Rabbit
  • Species ReactivityHuman,Mouse ,Rat
  • Applications Tested/SuitableELISA,WB,IHC
  • PurificationImmunogen affinity purified
  • ImmunogenalkB, alkylation repair homolog 1 (E. coli)
  • IHCImmunohistochemistry of paraffin-embedded human colon tissue slide using A000311( ALKBH1 Antibody) at dilution of 1:50
  • Western Blothuman placenta tissue were subjected to SDS PAGE followed by western blot with A000311(ALKBH1 antibody) at dilution of 1:500
  • Recommended dilutionWB :1:200-1:2000;IHC:1:20-1:200
  • Product Description specificalDioxygenase that acts as a DNA demethylase (PubMed:18603530). Requires molecular oxygen, alpha-ketoglutarate and iron (PubMed:18603530). Specifically demethylates DNA methylated on the 6th position of adenine (N(6)-methyladenosine) DNA. N(6)-methyladenosine (m6A) DNA is present at some L1 elements in embryonic stem cells and probably promotes their silencing (By similarity). Also able to repair alkylated single-stranded DNA and RNA containing 3-methylcytosine by oxidative demethylation, but with low activity (PubMed:18603530). Also has DNA lyase activity and introduces double-stranded breaks at abasic sites: cleaves both single-stranded DNA and double-stranded DNA at abasic sites, with the greatest activity towards double-stranded DNA with two abasic sites (PubMed:19959401). DNA lyase activity does not require alpha-ketoglutarate and iron and leads to the formation of an irreversible covalent protein-DNA adduct with the 5' DNA product (PubMed:19959401, PubMed:23577621). DNA lyase activity is not required during base excision repair and class switch recombination of the immunoglobulin heavy chain during B lymphocyte activation. May play a role in placental trophoblast lineage differentiation (By similarity).
  • Gene nameALKBH1
  • locationMitochondrion,Nucleus
  • Uniprot IDQ13686
  • Calculated M.W.44kDa,observed 44kDa
  • Observed M.W.34kd

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