Human IL-1 ELISA Kit

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  • Alternative name

    Interleukin-1 receptor type 2 ELISA KIT; CD121 antigen-like family member B ELISA KIT; CDw121b ELISA KIT; IL-1 type II receptor ELISA KIT; Interleukin-1 receptor beta ELISA KIT; IL-1R-beta ELISA KIT; Interleukin-1 receptor type IIIL1R2 ELISA KIT; IL1RB ELISA KIT; IL-1R-2 ELISA KIT; IL-1RT-2 ELISA KIT; IL-1RT2 ELISA KIT; IL-1R-beta ELISA KIT; mIL-1R2 ELISA KIT; mIL-1RII ELISA KIT; sIL-1R2 ELISA KIT; sIL-1RII ELISA KIT

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  • GeneIL-1
  • Other Species Human IL-1 alpha ELISA KitHuman IL-1 alpha elisa set ELISA SetsHuman IL-1 beta ELISA KitHuman IL-1 beta elisa set ELISA SetsHuman IL-1 R alpha ELISA KitMouse IL-1 Beta ELISA KitMouse IL-1 ELISA KitHuman IL-8/NAP-1 ELISA Kit
  • SpecificityNo significant cross-reactivity or interference between Human IL-1 and analogues was observed.
  • SamplesSerum, Plasma , tissue homogenates,Cell culture supernates,Other biological fluids.
  • Sensitivity2.0 pg/ml.
  • Intended UseHuman IL-1 ELISA Kit allows for the in vitro quantitative determination of IL-1 , concentrations in serum, Plasma , tissue homogenates and Cell culture supernates and Other biological fluids.
  • StorageFor 5-7days:Store the whole kit at 4℃
    For a Long time :Store the Substrate at 4℃, other reagent should store at -20℃.
  • Product Description
    Introduction: ELISA is a simple and highly sensitive method of analysis that allows for simultaneous and rapid quantification of a large number of samples. The assay is based on the specific recognition of the target compound (analyte/antigen) by antibodies which bind to the compound. The antigen-antibody complex is detected and measured with the aid of an enzyme-labeled antibody or antigen. Upon addition of a non-colored reagent, the enzyme produces a color reaction where the color intensity is directly or inversely proportional to the concentration of the analyte in the sample. This quantitative Sandwich ELISA kit is in tended to determinate IL-1 concentrations in Human serum, plasma, tissue homogenates, feces, urine and body fluids, and it is only for research, not for drug, household, therapeutic or diagnostic applications!

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